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There is something magical that happens when you bring a group of your friends together to work on event flowers. People just seem to open up like the flowers themselves, open their hearts and their creative selves as they connect to nature. I've met some of my best girlfriends and had some of the most loving and genuine conversations with people while working together on event flowers. It is this really beautiful bonding experience that happens when working with flowers that I wanted to share with the world and besides, who wouldn't want to be invited to a flower party where you are surrounded by hundreds of beautiful blooms, drink wine, chat, create away, all while saving a ton money? I wanted brides to know that they have other options besides plopping stems in mason jars - that they can  create professional designs with the same high quality florist flowers, while saving money. Each of our Project Fleur kits come directions, containers and professional florist supplies. Kits are shipped directly from the farms overnight next day to ensure freshness. You get the same quality farm fresh stems that florists work with. We believe in empowering people to connect with nature, tap into creativity, and cherish these bonding moments. So get ready and excited to throw a fun "Project Fleur Party."

How Does It Work?

We've done all the planning and stem counting for you and will provide you with the perfect recipe, container and step-by-step directions to make jaw dropping arrangements for your special event with your team of friends. You just provide the Home Depot 5 gallon buckets (1 bucket per 3 arrangements) scissors, and team of friends and family and we will overnight ship you the flowers and greens straight from the farm. 
Make sure to order your flowers to arrive 3 days before your event (this is when florists get their flowers for weddings.) Why 3 days? The  flowers need time to drink water to recovery from their journey as they will arrive "sleepy" and need time to open up to be at their fullest. One to two weeks before your event, you will receive your non-perishable supplies. This includes the containers, flower food, boutinierre kits, directions etc. On your flower delivery day, make sure you have someone to receive your order. Open your box immediately and give your stems a nice angled cut (1-2inches). Put them in your buckets with flower food and water. Hydrate your flowers for at least 3 hours before working with them. Keep them in a cool place.
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