Growing Your Own Wedding Flowers

What better way to save on wedding flowers than growing your own, right? Makes sense, but the reality of doing this is a lot harder than it seems. So before you start tearing out the yard and buying seeds in bulk, what does it really take to grow your own flowers. 1. Timing I once worked with a bride who wanted to grow her own dahlias. It turned out that the dahlias didn't come up in time. Good thing I ordered these flowers in advance from the flower farm. Flower farms often grow their crops under hoop houses or greenhouses which ensure an early and steady crop throughout the season. 2. Am I growing enough? How much do you really need and how much should you grow. Depending on the type of pl

The Best Flowers for the Lazy Gardener

Even in my very structured, geometrically divided potager garden, I’ve always maintained a sense of carefreeness...I’m what I like to call the lazy gardener. Over the years, my garden has gotten better and better with both trial and error and seed saving. Yes, seed saving. While many a gardener wouldn’t think twice about ripping out a leggy and dying plant out of their beds, not me. I wait, and wait and wait, till the garden looks extra shabby chic (more shabby than chic) and seeds appear. Then I dry, store and save those seeds for the next year. Or in many cases, ok, most cases, I just let the seeds fall to the ground and with the fall and winter rains, a new spring garden magically appears

Kate Spade: The Death of an American Fashion Icon

I remember the day I bought my first Kate Spade New York bag. It was a celebration of my first full-time job and start of my career. Finally, I was an independent woman, who didn’t need the support of her man or her parents. I will never forget my beloved fuschia and cherry red leather bag, with its prominent red bow, that both reminded me of my youth obsession with Hello Kitty, and celebrated my independence as a working woman who could afford her own beautiful things. And at a $400 price tag, it was pure luxury to me, a status symbol, a coming of age. Image from Image from Handbag: Beau Park Avenue 2 And throughout the years the brand grew with me. Granted I started

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