Kate Spade: The Death of an American Fashion Icon

I remember the day I bought my first Kate Spade New York bag. It was a celebration of my first full-time job and start of my career. Finally, I was an independent woman, who didn’t need the support of her man or her parents. I will never forget my beloved fuschia and cherry red leather bag, with its prominent red bow, that both reminded me of my youth obsession with Hello Kitty, and celebrated my independence as a working woman who could afford her own beautiful things. And at a $400 price tag, it was pure luxury to me, a status symbol, a coming of age.

Image from people.com

Image from tradsey.com Handbag: Beau Park Avenue 2

And throughout the years the brand grew with me. Granted I started to make more and more money and could afford the pricey European handbag, but somehow I always came back to Kate Spade. The quality of the leather and durability made it such a value, compared to other high end European handbags. I knew I could always count on my Kate Spade handbag to hold the hefty weight my Apple Macbook, Sephora makeup, pens and my iPhone. Her timeless handbag shapes always lended a classic style to my wardrobe.

Being a lover of anything floral, I always swooned over her flower inspired botanical designs - the bright poppies and vibrant colors that graced Kate Spade’s handbags, housewares and clothing. They seemed to beckon the coming of spring flowers and carefree summer days, while at the same time embodying the playfulness and whimsy that we wish we could always hold dear to our lives.

Images from Katespade.com

As we mourn the death and suicide of an American fashion icon, who leaves behind husband Andy Spade, daughter, Frances Beatrix, and brother-in-law Andy Spade, I think she would have rather preferred that we celebrate the impact that she had on so many womens’ lives.

So in the spirit of designer Kate Spade, wearing your best polka dot and bow outfit, we raise our glasses of bubbly rose and toast to the American fashion icon, that brought so much color and joy to our worlds.

Image from Washingtonpost.com

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