How to be the Best Bridesmaid Ever!

Being chosen to be a bridesmaid is such an honor. But there is a lot of responsibility and unspoken etiquette that goes along with the role. We've gathered the best advice from brides around the country and here is what they had to say.

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1) Respond to emails promptly

There is a lot of details and planning that go into a wedding. Let the bride know that her day is important by responding to their messages as soon as possible.

2) Answer group messages

Turn on the notifications on your WhatsApp, text messaging or Facebook Messenger and just know that your phone and your time will be hijacked for the next five months.

3) Take initiative and ask often if they need any help

Sometimes it's hard for people to ask for help. By consistently asking, your bride will know you are there for them. If your bride has ordered DIY Wedding Flower kits from us, she will be so appreciative of you helping to put the flower arrangements together.

4) If you offer help, follow through

There's nothing more annoying then someone who promises something and then backs out. So if you say you are going to do it. Plus, attending a DIY Flower Party is so much fun!

5) Save up in advance for being part of the bridal party.

If you know the wedding will be in Italy, time to cut back on those double Macchiatos and start cooking dinner at the house. Know that the bride is doing her best to make events affordable, but like with any special event, whether it be a bachelorette party or tea party, there is a cost.

6) Pay for your dress, shoes bridal shower, bachelorette party etc without commenting on cost or complaining.

Commenting about the cost behind the bride's back is just plain tacky. Yes, some people may drop out of an event and make the price go up a bit, but that's just part of planning any event. Instead, try thinking about how great it is to have activities already pre-planned in your social schedule.

7) Show excitement, be positive and encouraging.

This is a huge day for your friend. The biggest party he/she has ever planned, so show some enthusiasm and your connection will go a long way.

8) Understand that your friend is stressed, excited, happy and nervous all at the same time.

They probably have never planned an event as big as this and are super nervous about all the components, so cut them some slack if a bit of bridezilla comes out. You'll laugh about it later.

Being part of the wedding party is a way to bond and create memories together. If you can keep in mind that it isn't all about you, you will do just fine.

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