5 Mistakes to Avoid When Doing DIY Wedding Flowers

DIY Wedding flowers can be both a fun pre-wedding bonding activity and save you a bunch of cash. For those that want wedding flowers on a budget here are five DIY mistakes to avoid as you plan the perfect wedding day.

  1. You let your flowers stay in their boxes for hours after you receive them. Flowers out of water are like fish out of water. They are alive but there is a point of no return where if you keep them out of water for too long, they won’t bounce back.

  1. You arrange your DIY wedding flowers centerpieces as soon as you get the flowers. They’ve had a long journey. Give them as much time to hydrate as possible in your 5 gallon buckets

  1. You put them in water without cutting the stems. When you cut the stems at an angle, you are opening up the pores of the flowers, making a larger surface area for flowers to uptake water and you are cutting off the area of the flower that has the most bacteria, which cause more rot. So cut 1-2” from the stems at an angle.

  1. You use plain water.. Flowers need food just like you to stay perky and go the mile. It also extends their life. All of our Projectfleur.com come with floral food. We want to ensure your success.

  1. You keep the lower leaves on the stem. All leaves falling below the water line of your buckets should be removed. This helps reduce the amount of bacteria growing in the water and increases flower life.

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