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These pink flowers are the first symbol of the coming of Spring. The quince fruit is known to be a symbol of Aphrodite and thus a symbol of love and fertility. 


These branches are one of my favorite things to have on the dining room table during the cold winter. They are so unique and so fun to watch grow and blossom. The quince branches are available for 2 months out of the year. Take advantage of them before you have to wait another year. 


  • You will receive 15 branches and a cylinder glass vase.
  • Branches measure approximately 2-3' long
  • Please note that when you receive this shipment the buds start off  very tiny and once the branches are placed in water the buds start to grow, swelling up in size and color as well as growing leaves. Your shipment will first look like sticks and then start blossoming.
  • Color will vary in pinks from very light pink to coral, depending on what is available us from the farm.

Past recipients have said: "I was really impressed with the variety and uniqueness of the flowers. These were flowers that you don't find at your everyday florist." D.N.


Maximize your branches' vase life by:

  • Cut 1" with pruners from the bottom at an angle; this allows for more surface area.
  • Fill your tall vase with about 3” of water, arrange the stems to your liking.
  • Tempertature and light will slow or speed up blooming. Put in a warm area with light to bloom and cold dark area to slow down the bloom process.
  • Every 4-5 days, recut the stems and replace the water.
  • If you leave the heater on at night, place your vase outside (if weather is above 32 degrees) This will slow down blooming and fading.
  • Pinch off any faded and dried flowers 

SOLD OUT : Flowering Quince Branches with Vase

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