About Us

Determined to share her love for unique botanicals, connecting with nature and friends through creativity, Trish Nishikawa started Project Fleur as a way for friends to connect through flower arranging. 

"I've met some of best friends through flower classes and strengthened existing friendships through spending time together creating with flowers. It's my passion to bring that unique and fulfilling experience to as many people as possible."

Project Fleur ships Do-It-Yourself (DIY) flower arranging kits to your home accompanied with online video tutorials. Live in person classes and live Zoom classes are also available upon inquiry.

In addition to their seasonal DIY kit line, Project Fleur curates a unique line floral gifts, carefully sourcing and styling designer bouquets that set your gift apart from supermarket flowers. Masterfully assembled flower bouquets, ready-to-ship to your favorite person, all beautifully packaged.

Let's celebrate life and friendship with flowers.